Community Options Guide for Adults

The Community Options Guide for Adults is intended to help you find services and resources in your community that meet your particular needs.

Click on the tabs below to find information on:

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  • Community Participation (Day Services)
  • Mental Health and Counselling
  • Education
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  • Individual & Family Supports
  • Financial
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
Community Health and Resource CentresCommunity Participation (Day Services)Mental Health and CounsellingEducationEmployment SupportsIndividual & Family SupportsFinancialRecreationTransportation

There are several Community Health and Resource Centres in Ottawa. They provide a variety of free social and health services, with counsellors available on site.

900 Merivale Road
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5Z8

420 Cooper Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 2N6

105-240 Centrum Blvd.
Ottawa, ON K1E 3J4

200-1980 Ogilvie Rd
Ottawa, ON K1J 9L3

40 Coburg Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 8Z6

1547 Merivale Rd., Unit 240
Nepean, ON K2G 4A3

120-225 Donald Street
Ottawa, ON K1K 1N1

1365 Richmond Road, 2nd floor
Ottawa, ON K2B 6R7

221 Nelson Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 1C7

55 Eccles Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 6S3

600-1355 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K1H 8K7

290 Dupuis Street
Ottawa, ON K1L 1A2

2 MacNeil Court
Kanata, ON K2L 4H7

Formerly CCAC
100- 4200 Labelle St.
Ottawa, ON K1J 1J8
310-2222 or 1-800-538-0520

The Local Health Integration Network connects people of all ages with the health and support services they need to:

  • remain safe and independent at home
  • return home safely from hospital and avoid readmission
  • find primary care
  • explore long-term care options, day programs, and more

Our goal is to connect people with the right care at the right time and in the right place. Every day, we help people find their way through Ontario’s health care system, understand their options and connect them to quality community-based health care and resources, including:

  • physiotherapy
  • nursing
  • speech therapy
  • palliative care, and more

Participating in community participation programs is a great way to make friends, stay active, explore interests and connect with your community.

These programs provide a variety of activities like: how to cook, take the bus, cross the street, shop, and more. While other
programs offer leisure activities, such as: swimming, sailing, skiing, bowling, horseback riding, art, and more.

Some programs are offered on a full time or part time basis. (Monday to Friday)

70 Bongard Ave Unit B
Nepean, ON K2E 7Z9

Assist persons with disabilities to reach their goals in employment skills, recreation, social skills and art. Encourages and inspires persons with disabilities to reach their full potential and dreams.

Ability First Ottawa (AFO) currently operates weekly afternoon/evening programs where people with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to participate in creative and productive activities within safe and friendly environment. This non-profit organization offers flexible programs devoted to the development and promotion of creativity, well-being, and community among persons with varies disabilities. Ages 10- 70.

*Fee for Service

1395 Youville Drive
Ottawa, ON K1C 4R1
613-841-6844 ext. 25

Branches is a therapeutic day leisure program open to adults with Intellectual disability and Dual Diagnosis. Participants take part in activities to enhance their life skills, social/leisure, or vocational learning. Individuals can also participate in music/media options, regular physical movement activities, community integration creative expression activities, and a variety of adaptive skills options. Certified Behavior Analyst services may be provided if these supports are identified as part of the support plan.

*Fee for Service

211 Bronson Avenue, Room 304
Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5

At BEING, artists have access to the space, the tools, and the representation to create and commercialize their visual art and creative writing. Each artist is encouraged and supported in achieving their unique creative and professional goals, whether to become more prolific, profitable, or simply to find focus for their creative practice.

*Fee for Service

80 Terence Matthews Cres, Suite 2-J
Kanata, ON K2M 2B4
Beyond Limits Day Program opened its doors to adults with Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities in September 2018. This program offers a safe and healthy environment where individuals are provided social and life skills training, leisure and recreation, academics skills, community inclusion and independence.

*Fee for Service


The City of Ottawa is a therapeutic recreation program for adults with developmental disabilities 21-55 years. Program criteria include ability to be in a group in a 1:5 ratio, interest in recreation activities, self-managed minor behaviors and stable medical conditions. Referral for the program is through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), not through the City of Ottawa.

There are six Variety programs across the City of Ottawa:

· Ray Friel Recreation Complex(francophone),
· Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex – Orléans,
· Routhier Community Centre,
· Walter Baker Sport Centre,
· Carleton Heights Community Centre and
· Richcraft Recreation Centre-Kanata.

*DSOER Registry Required

2211 Thurston Dr, Unit 2
Ottawa, ON K1G 6C9
David Hudson Boulard 613-526-9995

Christian Horizons Community Participation Supports offer opportunities for adults over 18 to engage in skills development, community involvement, employment, volunteer opportunities and recreational activities.

Grow Studios connects the community to high quality products and services through the operation of small businesses. These businesses are employment and job skills training opportunities for people with exceptional abilities and include pottery, jewelry and a woodworking studios. See more details.

*DSOER Registry Required *Fee for Service

Barrhaven area

We invite adults in our special needs community to participate in a wide variety of innovative, creative and skill-building activities.

· Life Skills Program – Wednesday 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
· Awareness and Being Program – Monday 9: 30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
· Arts Program – Friday 9:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.

*Fee for Service

330 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 2A6
Angèle Jodouin 613-302-5943
Melodie Grealy-Fredette 613-315-5943

Ottawa-based organization of Developmental Service Professionals. We offer a variety of flexible supports for families and individuals with and without special needs. We believe that families ultimately know what is best for them, and that given the right tools they can bring harmony to their own situations. With this premise in mind, we offer effective and innovative supports to families and individuals, in both English and French.

Our team of experienced Developmental Services Workers and Apprentices provide Respite and Special Services in your home and out in the community. We also offer Harmonization, our approach to problem- solving and improving interactions, which was developed as an alternative to continual intervention. We provide families with a customized and functional plan that can be adapted over time. We include visual and/or tactile aids and provide implementation support to teach them the skills to apply any changes.

*Fee for Service

8 Byers Court
Nepean ON, K2R 1C7
Victoria Romano 613-513-9696

We focus on quality care filled with fun activities, homemade meals, and arts and crafts, all in a family-oriented environment. Our goal is to offer parents and legal guardians of adults with special needs a respite relief program. Some of the leisure and life skills activities include: art & crafts, walking in the park, swimming, field trips, cooking, and clean. The location is wheel chair accessible which includes: ramps, elevator, paved path in the backyard for wheel chairs, and pool.

*Fee for Service

Barrhaven, Ottawa, ON

Hazelwood House offers a day program which provides a tremendous amount of opportunity for young adults with special needs to develop essential life and social skills in a safe, inclusive environment.

The program runs throughout the year and will increase in numbers during times when schools are on break. This allows young adult students to participate in the Hazelwood House Day Program.

The program runs five days a week with clients selecting which day(s) are most accommodating for them.

*Fee for Service

87 Sheldrake Dr.
Kanata, ON K2L 1T1

Helping Hands for Special needs families is a private Day program that runs from 9-3pm. Examples of activities are: recreation, swimming, horseback riding, walking cooking. It provides transport to/from activities during the day but has to have their ride to program access.

The participants are 21 years old and up. They support people with intellectual disabilities, Autism or Asperger with or without mental illness with no behaviors. It is not wheelchair accessible.

Ratio: 2 staffs per 5 people: Capacity: 1 to 5 people

*Fee for Service

2025 Lanthier Dr., Suite A
Orleans, ON K4A 3V3
613-824-9424 ext. 230 or

Innovative Community Support Services provides individuals opportunities for community participation.

The Sow & Grow Therapeutic Farm: An accessible farm allows people to experience Horticultural learning and training, offered in our greenhouse, garden beds, planting, tending and harvesting and landscaping as well as through wreath making, centerpiece creations, flower basket projects and more. Animal Care offered through time with our farm animals.

Fitness & recreational activities, trail walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, wheelchair adapted swing, wagon rides. Vocational training & employment skills, developed through tending the animals and caring for the grounds and buildings.

Our social enterprise Spread the Joy with wood creations projects, vendor stand and product sales.

*Fee for Service

1002 Beaverbrook Road
Kanata, ON K2K 1L1

We pride ourselves in a variety of services and programs that include developmental respite, mentoring, social skills training, behavior management, parent support programs, individual and family counselling, developmental play groups, developmental respite and a social skills day camp known as Discovered Treasures. The team at Main Street Community Services remains dedicated to broadening horizons, developing talents, promoting self-esteem and instilling life-preparation skills by extending a hand of hope to children youth and their families.

Programs include: Social Learning Program, Adult Day Program, Developmental Day Program, Respite, After School Social Skills Program, Summer and March Break Camps.

*Fee for Service


Loeb Centre
161 Donald Street
Ottawa ON K1N 1N1
613-569-8993 ext 620 or 613-301-3638

171 Donald Street
Ottawa ON K1N 1N1

Loeb Centre offers options such as community volunteering and leisure programs such as fitness, pet therapy, etc. Average ratio is 6:1 for center-based activities and 4:1 for community activities.

Quinlan Centre supports vulnerable people who may have various communication challenges as well as physical or medical needs. This centre offers a Snoezelen room, a hot tub, cooking & computer activities, pampering activities such as hair and nails care; as well as music & art activities are available on a fee for service basis. The average ratio is 4:1.

*DSOER Registry Required or Fee for Service

9-1 Brewer Hunt Way
Kanata, ON K2K 2B5
613 254-9400

Life skills Program: This program is based in a traditional classroom model and give participants instruction on a wide variety of topics including socialization, anger management, and cooking. Life skills participants are often treated to presentations from special guests who speak about their lives, their jobs or their interests. Recent favorites include dentists, police officers and musicians.

Leisure Program: This program is for individuals who are looking for a more relaxed pace and atmosphere can participate in sensory activities, such as music, arts and crafts, cooking, games and chair exercises. This program has a quiet, low-demand environment.

The programs listed run Monday to Friday. OCL also provides a leisure program 3 Saturdays per month.

*DSOER Registry Required or Fee for Service

44 Eccles St. E., Suite 50
Ottawa, ON K1R 6S4
613-744-3562 ext. 102

ComputerWise was established in an effort to provide meaningful computer-based employment readiness and skills development opportunities for adults with multiple disabilities. Our program offers an innovative and fun workspace where participants use adaptive technologies in an effort to break down barriers to independence. Our knowledgeable team assesses, identify and link each participant with projects and programs that will help them reach their unique goals. We provide full personal care, job readiness supports and on-going coaching/mentor. Some of the other top-notch products and services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Shredding services
  • Family calendars, business cards, flyers, newsletters
  • Data entry (including financial data entry), transcription services
  • Document assembly and mail distribution
  • Disability awareness training
  • Accessibility standards testing

*DSOER Registry Required or Fee for Service

823 Rotary Way
Ottawa, ON K1T 3W6

The adult day program runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a total of 42 weeks a year. The program`s focus is to help young adults realize their potential while enjoying a stimulating environment with peers. Adults ages 21-35 with a physical disability.

*DSOER Registry Required or Fee for Service

2405 St. Laurent, Unit S
Ottawa ON K1G 5B4

ACE (Abilities, Challenges and Exceptionalities) day service program runs Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. This program offers a social and recreational program for adults with a variety of developmental and physical disabilities. We know the importance of inclusion and belonging. Every day, we make it our goal to provide all of our participants with a safe and fun environment to learn, work, grow, play, and enjoy.

ESP (Enhance Support program) is individually tailored programs for youth and adult to ensure safety, supervision, and engagement. This support supports individuals with exceptionalities and has high staff to participant ratio. It emphasis on client care, alternative skills for maladaptive behavior, life skills and community based programs.

LIFE (Learning in a Fun Environment) focuses on academic skills and employability for adults with physical, developmental and dual diagnosis abilities. Participants will work at their own level and pace independently or in group settings. We work on literacy and numeracy concepts that are important to real life scenarios. Its provides weekly life skills, employability, self-regulation and academic workshops. LIFE also offers a 7-week long Summer Camp.

*Fee for Service

1807 St. Joseph Blvd. Unit 307
Orleans, ON K1C 7C6

R.A.Y.S. (Reaching All Your Stars) Day Program serves adults with developmental and physical disabilities. This program runs Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and features weekly sing-a- longs, community outings and adapted sports.

*Fee for Service


Soloway Jewish Community Centre
21 Nadolny Sachs
Ottawa ON, K2A 1R9
Estelle Allen 613-851-7476

Tamir Foundations
235 Donald Street
Ottawa ON, K1K 1N1
Estelle Allen 613-851-7476

Tamir’s Original Day Program is located on the Soloway Jewish Community Campus. The program emphasizes recreational and leisure activities as well as life skills development. Tamir has a second day program located at Donald St.

Tamir’s Passages Program helps individuals gain work experience, educational and recreational options that are best suited to their skills, interests and needs. The focus of this program is community based work/volunteer and leisure activities.

*DSOER Registry Required or Fee for Service

391 McArthur Ave
Vanier, ON K1L 6N5

theSpace is a creative studio and social hub for adults with Autism and Intellectual disabilities. Our goal is to offer each individual personalized support and mentoring with a focus on identity building and learning through doing.

Daily workshops provide an opportunity for members to expand upon their knowledge of self, while learning new skill sets and creating community. Members work with various media, open-source and accessible software and a variety of platforms– as suits their interests. Creative workshops run 9:30 to 3:30 pm (with half days available)

Check out our website or call/email to book a tour or stop by for a free Games Night!

*Fee for Service

Work and Volunteer Experience (WAVE) PROGRAM
Dovercourt Recreation Centre
450 Churchill Ave
Ottawa, ON K2A 0S9
Caitlin Booth

The WAVE program is a full day learning opportunity for adults with special needs who are interested in preparing for the work force. We are a social, community- minded program that aims to engage with the local neighborhood through volunteering and exposure. In the morning, individuals will attend a COOP in the community. In the afternoon, individuals will engage various social and recreational activities (i.e. swimming, walking, music class, social skills, life skills, board games etc.). The program runs Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm.

*Fee for Service

100 -1140 Morrison Drive, Suite 100
Ottawa, ON K2H 8S9

L.I.N.E.S. (Linking Individual through Naturally Existing Settings) is a social, recreation and leisure program for adults with developmental disabilities providing a safe, supervised and engaging environment where people can share time with their peers in a supportive setting. Individuals may participate in creative arts and crafts, baking/cooking, exercise routines, swimming and local community outings. Please call 613-721-1500 ext. 215 or

Life Skills Training Centre is designed to help young adults explore their interests and gain skills for potential careers. They will also learn necessary life skills that will enhance day to day living.

Our program consists of a structured daily schedule that will include classroom and hands on training in the areas of Social Skills, Healthy Living, Employment Preparation, Self Advocacy, Independent Life skills, among many others. Please call 613-721-1500 ext. 219 or email

Y’s Owl also offers outreach and employment supports (see employment section or their website for more information) .

*DSOER Registry Required or Fee for Service

Resources include services that provide mental health support and counselling options in your community.

APPLE (A Post Psychiatric Leisure Experience)
211 Bronson Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5

APPLE is a non-profit consumer initiative that is operated for and by psychiatric consumers. Our mandate is to provide recreational programming and peer support for persons who have or have had mental illness. Some of our activities include a peer support group, wellness program, light meals, mental health education and a substance abuse group.


Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario
Heartwood House 404 McArthur Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 1G8
613-729-6761 or toll-free at 1-877-308-3843

ADAO currently offers 4 programs:

Our programs are offered at out Heartwood House location in Ottawa and are facilitated by caring professionals working to support the Ottawa community in the health/social services field.

*Fee for service

Big White Wall


An online mental health and wellbeing service offering self-help programs, creative outlets and a community that cares. When you’re dealing with everyday stressors or major life events, we’ll help you get through it.

“Big White Wall” is a new on-line approach towards wellbeing that is available anytime anywhere:

  • Anonymous peer support
  • 24/7 moderation by clinically trained ‘Wall Guides’
  • Self-guided courses
  • Self-improvement tools and resources
  • Safe space to express yourself without judgement


(Ontario Network for) Borderline Personality Disorder

Royal Ottawa Hospital
1145 Carling Avenue


The Oasis
Glen Cairn United Church
140 Abbey Hill Drive, Kanata

The main objectives of Ottawa Network for Borderline Personality Disorder (ON-BPD) are to educate and support relatives of people with BPD and to help family members develop skills for coping. This is done primarily through a 12 week Family Connections program.

*Membership donation $10.00 per year

1355 Bank Street, Suite 301
Ottawa, ON K1H 8K7

Dual Diagnosis Brokerage Service:

The Brokerage Service is a bilingual service for people with a dual diagnosis (a developmental disability and a mental illness) and other complex needs who live in Ottawa. The service is comprised of 4 staff called “Brokers”, two of whom are designated to work with individuals involved in the justice system (Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Managers). This service is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Dual Diagnosis Ottawa Community Clinic:

In partnership with Solution-s, CMHA Ottawa Dual Diagnosis Brokerage Service operates five psychiatric clinics, one located at CMHA and four with developmental community partners. The clinic uses a collaborative shared care model to enrich care by integrating clinical psychiatric services with a client’s support network. Its bio-psychosocial approach improves the well-being of clients and communities and encourages a more effective use of increasingly limited resources while enhancing the skills of family physicians and psychiatrists.

Mental Health Community Support Services:

Includes Court, Hospital and Housing Outreach services, Case Management services, a Community Treatment Order (CTO) Program, a Concurrent Disorder Treatment Program, a Housing Program and Information and Referral service as well as Skills System groups (Dialectic Behavior Therapy for Dual Diagnosis).

Capacity Building & Education:

The Education Program develops and provides education and programming in mental illness awareness and mental health promotion. We conduct workshops, make presentations and promote awareness of mental health related issues in the media.

The Partners for Progress:

The Partners for Progress Program is a peer support program which matches volunteers who have themselves experienced serious mental health problems with persons of similar disabilities.

*Free *DSOER Referral Required for Brokerage Service

1-866-996-0991 Toll Free

The Crisis Line services are for people experiencing:

  • Situational crisis
  • Psychosis or suicidal behaviour
  • Severe depression or anxiety or suicidal behaviour
  • Individuals, families or concerned friends may call the Crisis Line where our Crisis Line Responders will assess each situation, offer support and, if required, connect you with the appropriate Crisis Team in your area.


Distress Line

The Distress Line / Help Line services provide:

  • Emotional support and encouragement
  • Crisis management and intervention
  • Suicide risk assessment and prevention
  • Community resource / referral information

People call for many different reasons. Whatever is affecting your day, your life, we are here to provide you with support and be there at any time of day or night 24/7.


Mood Disorders Ottawa (MDO)
1355 Bank St,
Ottawa, ON K1H 8K7

A peer-run volunteer organization. Members engage in mutual support to improve the quality of our lives and work at creating opportunities to reconnect with self and others. Please contact directly for support group schedule and monthly calendar of events.

*Membership Fee

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Ottawa

We are a volunteer-run peer-based support network offering three support groups:

  • OCD Support for adults living with OCD
  • Youth Group for ages 12-25
  • Supporters Circle for anyone supporting someone living with OCD

To learn more about these groups contact for general support and guidance with treatment and support resources.


(The) Ottawa Hospital

Civic Campus
1053 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4E9

General Campus
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 8L6

Riverside Campus
1967 Riverside Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7W9<


Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team: 613-722-6914 (crisis line)

  • An outreach team that is designed to provide rapid assessment of and stabilization for individuals in the community who are in crisis.
  • Also has an agreement with Ottawa Police Services for the operation of the Mental Health Unit of Ottawa Police.
  • Operates 11 Crisis Stabilization Beds located at 5 different locations in Ottawa.

On-Track: First Episode Psychosis Program: 613-737-8069

  • Located at 1355 Bank Street, Suite 208 provides care to people from 16 to 35 years, who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis or possible early symptoms of a psychotic illness.
  • Working with both patients and their families, we provide mental health assessment and treatment, case management, family and patient education, and support.
  • The goals of treatment are remission of symptoms, community re-integration, and relapse prevention.


211 Bronson Avenue
Suite 313/314
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6H5

We are a community of peers using our lived experiences with the mental health system to support one another in moving towards our full potential.

We offer a safe and non-judgmental environment for consumer/survivors and their families to come together, support one another and build upon our skills. PSO is a non-profit member-driven organization founded in 1991 by a handful of consumer/survivors of the mental health system.

PSO provides an effective alternative and adjunct to traditional mental health programs. Membership is free to self-identified psychiatric survivors.


(The) Royal Ottawa Hospital
1145 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7K4
613-7226521 ext. 7141

Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACTT):

  • The Ottawa ACT teams are comprised of interdisciplinary mental health professionals working in partnership with clients living with serious and persistent mental illness.
  • The team works with clients to develop recovery goals – they help clients with housing, school or jobs, life skills, relationships and integration into their communities. The team also provides treatment and medication monitoring and ongoing assessment of mental health concerns.
  • ACT teams are available days, evenings and weekends and have an emergency after hours on-call system for their active clients. The ACT teams do not accept emergency admissions –

Anyone can make a referral. Call ACTT Central Intake 613-722-6521 ext.7325

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment Team for Persons Dually Diagnosed (FACTT-DD):

  • This specialized team provides a continuum of treatment from very intensive service during periods of crisis and acute illness to less intense service during periods of stability.
  • One can refer people with an Intellectual Disability (DSOER eligible) over the age of 18 who are experiencing symptoms of mental illness and who may experience the following: a) significant behavioural challenges; b) extended hospital stays and frequent use of emergency services; and c) involvement in the criminal justice system.

Referrals are made by family physicians or other caregivers. Call 613-722-6521 ext.7141

Regional Dual Diagnosis Consultation Team (RDDCT):

  • This specialized consultation team provides clinical assessments, education and treatment recommendations for the care of dually diagnosed (intellectual disability + mental illness) individuals who are over age 16.

Referrals are made by family physicians or other caregivers. Call 613-722-6521 ext.7141

Homes for Special Care:

  • The Homes for Special Care program provides residential care to individuals with a mental illness who no longer require hospitalization.
  • Subsidized monthly rent.

Anyone can make a referral. Call 613-345-1461 ext.1600

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario:

  • Strengthening Families Groups are offered twice per year usually in the Spring and Fall (contingent on interest). There is also a monthly “Ideas Group”.
  • $50.00 per family
  • Visit or call 613-722-6521 ext.7776

*Free unless otherwise stated

2000 Scott Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 6T2

Provides Supportive Housing and Mental Health Services including:

*To obtain housing please complete application for The Social Housing Registry of Ottawa

Visit or call 613-526-2088 for more information

Saint Paul University
223 Main St
Ottawa, ON K1S 1C4
613-782-3022 or 613-782-3023

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre offers bilingual counselling and psychotherapy.

Services are provided by counselling interns at the Master of Arts and Doctoral level in Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University. The counselling interns are supervised by counsellors, psychotherapists and/or psychologists who are certified and accredited by a recognized professional association.

*Fee for service

The Walk-In Counselling Clinic
7 Locations in the Ottawa area

Provides immediate counselling services to individuals, couples, and families. The walk-in sessions are free to all members of the community, with no restrictions based on age or location/address and no need for an appointment. Focusing on your strengths, we offer professional counselling services to assist with a wide variety of issues that may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Personal or Job-Related Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Trauma
  • Family Conflict /Transitions
  • Sexuality/Intimacy
  • Gender Identity and Gender Expression
  • Intimate Partner Violence or Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Adjusting to Life in Canada
  • Self-Esteem/Self-Image

North Renfrew Family Services
109 Banting Drive, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0

Somerset West Community Health Centre
55 Eccles Street, Ottawa, ON

South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre
1355 Bank Street, Suite 600, Ottawa, ON K1H 8K7

Family Services Ottawa
312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4X5

Jewish Family Services of Ottawa
300-2255 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2B 7Z5

Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO)
959 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2X5

Counselling and Support Services of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry
26 Montreal Road, Cornwall, ON K6H 1B1

Catholic Family Services Ottawa
310 Olmstead Road, Ottawa, ON K1L 7K3

1 Nicholas St.
Ottawa, ON K1N 5X6

Mental Health Counselling service provides:

  • Counselling for different mental health/psychosocial issues such as: depression; anxiety-stress; phobias; PTSD following domestic violence, sexual abuse, accidents, or other traumas; grief and loss issues; relationship problems (with partner, child, teen, colleague, employer, etc.); parenting issues (parent-child, parent-teen, etc.); addiction issues (short-term assistance only)
  • Individual, couple or family therapy
  • The number of counselling sessions is limited to 6-8 sessions
  • Psycho-educational groups on selected topics such as anxiety, and attention deficit disorder.
  • Linkages to community resources

*Fee for service

Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health
299 Montreal Rd
Ottawa, ON K1L 6B8
613-748-0657 ext. 253

Provides mental health walk-in counselling services for individuals and families as well as family therapy.


Youth Mental Health Walk-in Clinic

Youth Services Bureau (YSB)

2675 Queensview Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8K2


The Youth Mental Health Walk-in Clinic offers single counselling sessions for youth ages 12 to 20, and their parents, whose needs are more immediate. Often, one of the most difficult steps can be gathering enough courage to ask for help. Getting help sooner can make all the difference.

YSB’s 24/7 Crisis Line: 613-260-2360


Educational programs offer courses to build on academic and social skills.

Programs exist to improve your reading, writing and computer skills, in addition to other valuable skills. These programs may also
provide training so that you are ready for work and volunteer opportunities.

Ottawa Carleton District School Board
440 Albert St.
Ottawa, ON K1R 5B5
Carol McMurchy:

The goal of the program is to prepare students for job placements and volunteer opportunities. Targeted skills are specific to various workplace environments; food service, office settings, plant care/maintenance, retail, etc. Students must be able to demonstrate a high level of independence, be able to work towards specific goals, follow routines and directions, and have the desire to work or volunteer in the community. Lunch and break times are without supervision. Classes run four days a week. Please call to make an appointment to tour in September or January.


Academic Assistance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AAADD)
1385 Woodroffe Avenue,
Ottawa, K2G 1V8
Dawn Tait, Program Officer 613-727-4723 ext.5726

AAADD offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to further develop their academic skills as well as build social skills within a college environment.

Students work on individualized materials, at their own pace with the assistance of the class counsellor in both literacy and numeracy. The current events, computers, job search and life skills subjects involve group work. AAADD runs 40 weeks per year, beginning at the end of August and running through to the end of June. Students can attend AAADD day courses for a maximum of four years. Depending upon availability, applicants may be offered the option to attend evening courses prior to moving into the day.

*Fee for service

Academic Assistance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AAADD)
1385 Woodroffe Avenue,
Ottawa, K2G 1V8
Dawn Tait, Program Officer 613-727-4723 ext.5726

AAADD offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to further develop their academic skills as well as build social skills within a college environment.

Students work on individualized materials, at their own pace with the assistance of the class counsellor in both literacy and numeracy. The current events, computers, job search and life skills subjects involve group work. AAADD runs 40 weeks per year, beginning at the end of August and running through to the end of June. Students can attend AAADD day courses for a maximum of four years. Depending upon availability, applicants may be offered the option to attend evening courses prior to moving into the day.

*Fee for service

Kitchen Steward Program
Krista Laroda, Employment Services Manager 613-858-3688

Kitchen Steward Program is a 15 weeks certificate program for people with developmental disabilities (in partnership with Christian Horizons.

Students enrolled in this comprehensive 15 week Certificate of Completion program will gain an understanding of working as a professional Kitchen Steward through applied and theoretical in-class training in Algonquin Colleges, Hospitality and Tourism food preparation Kitchens. Further to a Certificate of Completion, students in this program will gain their Safe Food Handling (Basic) certificate and their WHMIS (work place hazardous information systems) certificate. Concurrent to this training program each student will be placed in an on-site applied skills training position in order to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

*Fee for service

Transition Support Centre
613-727-4723 ext. 7200
Heather Peace
613-727-4723 ext. 6428

Transition Support Centre (TSC) is a specialized service that responds to the growing need of supporting Algonquin College students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is a pilot project, funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, with the aim of assisting students with ASD as they transition to post-secondary education. The TSC provides students with a physical space and timely access to staff to assist with the many academic, social, and personal transitions that can be associated with adjusting to the first year of college life. Our center operates on a drop-in or appointment basis including options to access regular check-in times and coaching, as well as to relax and work in the space.


300 Rochester Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 7N4

Adult High School is a full-time regular high school that specializes in working with adults from a wide variety of backgrounds. Classes run from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 2:30 pm. We offer teacher-led credit courses which lead to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. We promote literacy, numeracy, and technology through all departments: English, English as a Second Language, French, Social Science, Arts, Physical Education, Guidance/Career and Cooperative Education, Business and Technology, Mathematics, and Science. The school also offers ESL to help students who are new to Canada acquire English skills required for success in the workplace or in post-secondary education. The Cooperative Education Program provides opportunities for adult students to gain workplace knowledge and experience while earning credits toward a graduation diploma.


206-1376 Bank St.,
Ottawa, ON K1H 8N6

In Ottawa, Frontier College runs programs for children, youth, and adults. For more information or to volunteer with Frontier College in Ottawa, call the number above.


404 McArthur Ave.,
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8
Kim Oastler

ALSO is a program for adults that provide skills upgrading and tools towards work, education, and training. We are a small program that offers one-to-one teaching in literacy, math, and life skills. In order to encourage and sustain self-confidence, ALSO instructors work to build on the skills learners already have. ALSO offers many programs and opportunities for adult learners such as:

  • Adult upgrading (in both ASL and English)
  • E-learning Grade 12 equivalency (high school credit program)
  • Supported volunteering in Heartwood House
  • Variety of workshops in job searching, cooking, & more…
  • Family literacy support for parents*Free


Heartwood House
202-404 McArthur Ave
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8

People, Words & Change is a one-on-one, Literacy and Essential Skills program for adults in Ottawa that helps improve an individual’s skills in reading and their writing. Our volunteer tutors help adult learners reach their own goals. These goals can be to help find a job, take job training, or become more independent with reading, writing or math independently at work or in the home.



Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board
Upgrading & Adult Literacy Programs
570 West Hunt Club Road
Ottawa, ON K2G 3R4

133 Greenbank Road
Ottawa, ON K2H 6L3


Adult High School
300 Rochester St
Ottawa, ON K1R 7N4


West Campus
893 Admiral Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1Z 6L6

Central Campus
20 Graham Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1S 0B7

St. Nicholas has been designed to meet your needs, the individual. With your input, we will design a free education program within grades 9-12 that will help you achieve your goals. St. Nicholas Adult High School is a unique learning facility; we cater exclusively to adults. Our school permits students to earn the necessary credits to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma with co-operative education opportunities and e-learning courses. Please visit our Courses section on our webpage for more information. Students wishing to register for courses may do so all throughout the school year. Please call the central or west location you wish to attend for more information. Evaluations available.


Kalyan Kalyanasundaram

Language and math skills are not only important for day-to-day functioning but also for success in finding and keeping a job. At whatever level the student with special needs is, there is room for further improvement. After leaving school, the student can benefit from individualized tutoring provided by TSSN and continue to improve, at an affordable cost. TSSN is a non-profit service founded exclusively for students with special needs.

*Fee for service

Your interests and abilities are encouraged with employment support programs.

These programs can help you identify your work interests, assess your employment skills or training needs. You can also get
help to write or update your resume, search for jobs and prepare for interviews.

Some programs help you learn new employment skills such as cooking, cleaning, woodworking, and office skills. Other
programs prepare you for job placements, provide job coaching and volunteer opportunities.

Ottawa Carleton District School Board
440 Albert St.
Ottawa, ON K1R 5B5
Carol McMurchy:

The goal of the program is to prepare students for job placements and volunteer opportunities. Targeted skills are specific to various workplace environments; food service, office settings, plant care/maintenance, retail, etc. Students must be able to demonstrate a high level of independence, be able to work towards specific goals, follow routines and directions, and have the desire to work or volunteer in the community. Lunch and break times are without supervision. Classes run four days a week. Please call to make an appointment to tour in September or January.


1395 Youville Drive
Orleans, ON K1C 7L1
613-841-6844 ext. 25

Work Experience (WE) Program provides job training and teaches skills which help participants gain full time employment. This program aims to enhance the quality of life of every individual and strengthen their adaptive skills and offers participants a comprehensive variety of activities that are individualized and appropriate for their level of development.

*Fee for service

Canadian Hearing Society – Employment Services
1620 Scott St. Suite 13
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S7
1-866-518-0000 or TTY: 1-877-215-9530

Employment Services at CHS helps culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing individuals find a job, and works with employees and employers to put the right supports in place to help you both succeed. Our experienced employment consultants can communicate in the language of your choice and provide help with:

  • Job search challenges related to hearing loss
  • Career planning
  • Résumé and cover letter services
  • Leads and referrals to potential job opportunities
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Arranging an interpreter or live translation of speech to text (CART) for your interviews


425 Marché Way, Suite 104
Lansdowne Park
Ottawa ON K1S 5J3

In partnership with employers, CNIB’s Internship/Return ship/Mentorship program creates opportunities for people wanting to enter or re-enter the workforce.


Catholic Centre for Immigrants Ottawa (CCI)
219 Argyle Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2P 2H4
Ana Lopez:

As part of our youth program, we offer a variety of workshops and one-on-one sessions to young people who want to improve their job prospects. Youth between the ages of 14 and 28 are eligible to participate. Young people will learn how to build a resume, make a good first impression and how to succeed in a job interview. We post workshop dates and job opportunities on our CCI Youth Facebook page.


219 Argyle Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4N6
613-725-3494 ext.115
Rennatha Bernadin:

  • A Community Economic Development Corporation providing a variety of supported employment, educational, wellness programs and other services.
  • Solutions for Youth Project: paid pre-employment program
  • Employment Supports Program: job placement and retention
  • Social Enterprises: provides employment opportunities to consumers (Krackers Katering, Good Nature, Grounds keeping, Cycle Salvation and RightBike)
  • Job Quest: supported employment program for individuals with barriers to employment
  • Including those with disabilities, addictions, as well as those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Supported Employment in Rural Ottawa: program for persons with severe mental illness living in rural areas of Ottawa
  • Wellness program: certified trainer will assist participants in reaching their personal fitness goals in a user friendly low-key facility

*Free- Both referrals through ODSP and self-referrals accepted*

Main office: Units 2 & 3, 1950 Merivale Road
Ottawa, ON K2G 5T5
Krista Laroda:

Employment Programs:

Grow Studios connects the community to high quality products and services through the operation of small businesses. These businesses are employment and job skills training opportunities for people with exceptional abilities and include pottery, jewellery and a woodworking studios. Address: 352 Kirkwood Ave, Ottawa

Kitchen Steward Program at Algonquin College: A 27-week certificate program

Horizons Lawncare landscaping and lawncare business operated in partnership with Causeway, providing residential and commercial ervice

Capable Employment Services reaches out to individuals in the community who experience barriers to employment. Capable offers employment support in the following areas:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Construction
  • Job Applications
  • Interview Preparation
  • On-site Job Training and Coaching
  • Career Exploration programs
  • Employment Training
  • Furthering Education

*DSOER Referral required/Fee for Service Option

Community Laundry Co-op (CLC)
Heartwood House 404 McArthur Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8

The Community Laundry Co-operative offers professional wash and fold services for individuals and businesses. Our clients include doctors’ offices, clinics, spas, and restaurants as well as individual customers. We can save busy individuals and family’s time and effort by washing and folding your personal and household laundry. We are fully equipped to handle large volumes of laundry in a timely manner and are compliant with hygiene standards for commercial laundry facilities.

  • Earn some additional income
  • Learn some skills
  • Get job experience

Wash your clothes for $2.00 a load including wash, dry and soap. Have a cup of coffee and chat while you wait. Phone for an appointment or drop in on Fridays or Tuesday evenings. Book your laundry for Women only Saturday

Provides low-cost self-service laundry for people in the community who otherwise might not be able to afford clean clothes. CLC members enjoy a sense of community and a network of support making us a valuable alternative to coin-operated washers and dryers.

*Fee for service ($2.00 per load of laundry)

Heartwood House 404 McArthur Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8

EAT MORE SOUP! Offers 12-week barrier-free employment training opportunities to 16 interns each year. We focus on chronically unemployed adults ages 25-35. We build in opportunities to ‘give back’ through the provision of BIG COOK Tuesday and Souper Wednesday; partnership programs with the Boys and Girls Club and Heartwood House. Upon successful completion of the internship each intern is guaranteed an interview with at least one of our employer partners.


Employment ontario

Nine agencies in eleven different locations in Ottawa can offer you a full range of employment services in both official languages. You can access the employment assistance that you need at a location in your area. We offer a range of resources and supports to respond to any career and employment need. We are open to all and there is no charge for services. We can help you by providing: Daily job postings, individualized job search assistance, computers with high speed Internet access, employment workshops, resume and cover letter help, personalized career assessments, apprenticeship information, access to photocopier, telephones and fax machines, latest labor market information, resource room open to the public.


Youth Service Bureau (YSB) Employment Services

1355 Bank St. Suite 703
Ottawa, ON
ITO 2.0


301 Moodie Drive, Suite 203
Kanata, ON

Community Employment Resource Centre (West)
415 Hazeldean Road, Kanata

Employment Service (East/Central)- St. Lawrence College Employment Services
71 Bank St. 5th floor Ottawa

City of Ottawa
370 Catherine Street, 1st Floor Ottawa
613-580-2424 ext. 14372

Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Services
2525 Carling Avenue, Unit 6 Ottawa
(Lincoln Fields Mall)

La Cité Collégiale Employment Resource Centre
Diane Bertrand
240 Blvd. Centrum Boul., Unit 105 Orleans

YMCA-YWCA Employment Access Centre
West Location
1642 Merivale Road, 2nd floor


Central Location
150 Isabella Street, Suite 201

Agilec (formerly Northern Lights)
1900 City Park Drive Ottawa
613-688-1072 — 1-800-361-4642

Vanier Community Service Centre
270 Marier Avenue, 2nd floor Vanier
613-742-4400 ext. 3


Family Harmonies Familiales
Montgomery Legion 330 Kent St.
Ottawa, ON K2P 2A6
Angèle 613-302-5943 OR Melodie 613-315-5943

This program evolved out of the ongoing funding difficulties of many families. It allows interested participants to learn and practice transferable skills, to build concrete experience for a resume. Current employability activities include creating and selling repurposed, functional and decoration items, helping in all aspects of our fundraising events, supervised childcare duties, helping to spread awareness of our program, workshops and events, and more. These activities are an integral part of keeping our program running at an affordable cost – with profits from sales and funds raised at events helping to offset administrative costs.

Employability Program Fees (effective Oct 1, 2018)

Intake assessment: $25 (hst included) Must be paid at the time of assessment and will be used as a deposit towards the first month’s fees. The information gathered will be used to build a tailored goals and skills list which will be the basis for monthly task lists and determining the most appropriate supports to accomplish them.

  • Cost: $275+hst per month (billed on the 15th of every month)


  • Up to 5 hours per week of email, text and/or phone support
  • Attendance at up to 12 daytime PEERamid activities per month (must choose a regular schedule or register at least 1 week in advance. This is subject to availability)

To register as part of our Employability program, participants must sign an agreement stating they will fulfill their assigned duties (adjusted monthly, by FHF staff with input from the individual and family). Some participants will complete these independently while others will need support do to so during program hours.

*Fee for service

211 Bronson Ave, 100A
Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5

A social enterprise that teaches repair and refinishing of wooden furniture:

  • Provides work experience, skills training and social contact for participants by working and socializing with peers, staff and customers
  • Sharing old skills and learning new skills of furniture refinishing and repair


1900 St-Joseph Blvd.
Orléans, ON K1C 1E4


  • Work in a real catering business environment at Gourmet-Xpress
  • Gain work experience for a period of twelve (12) weeks
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4:00 pm
  • Afternoons are spent in workshops or job searching
  • Receive job search assistance during and after the program


  • Learn the latest work place skills
  • Practice essential skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, flexibility and initiative
  • Get a free lunch every day
  • Prepare to obtain employment in various types of businesses: restaurants, cafeterias, catering services, cafés, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc


2025 Lanthier Drive
Orleans, ON K4A 3V3

Spread the Joy:

Innovative Community Support Services social purpose is to provide the support and means for adults with a developmental disability and mental health disorder, who face significant barriers for sustainable and meaningful employment with the opportunity to gain skills, training, programs and social inclusion for all. A secondary element of our social purpose is to be environmentally conscious and use as much as possible of our own grown produce for the creation of our merchandise, along with ensuring we use all our farming and land resources by recycling, up cycling, and creatively thinking outside the box to craft new products.

Spread the Joy products include homemade preserves (salsa, jams, dill pickles, pickled beets, Lady Rose pickles, Bread & Butter pickles, pickled beans), homemade dog treats, homemade soap, sewing projects (bags, heat/cold rice & lavender packs, cat nip toys, pillows, adult bibs, aprons, fresh flowers & produce. We have crafted wood coasters and candle sets along with, landscaping services, small catering services and baked goods such as pies, muffins, fresh baked bread and loaves. Spread the Joy’s hard work and creativity produce beautiful products.

All sales from the purchase of a Spread the Joy product are 100% are invested back into providing individuals with a developmental delay meaningful programs and opportunities.

*Fee for Service

Kagita Mikam Aboriginal Employment and Training
(Formerly) Rideau High School
815 St Laurent Blvd Room 231
Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7

Ensures pro-active measures are taken to improve the recruitment, training and employment of all Aboriginal people. Including;

  • Information about programs and services available to support training or employment plans or to increase self-marketability Assists employers with training proposal preparation
  • Referral to employment and training supports in the community
  • Assists Aboriginal individuals with resume writing
  • Employment counselling
  • Up-to-date labour market information
  • Referral to employment and training opportunities


2410 Holly Lane
Ottawa, ON K1V 7P1
613-236-0003 or 613-236-3111

The service consists of two main components:

  • Individual assessment and employment counselling
  • The Job Search Workshops include;
    -Occupation Blueprint
    -Job Search

The client gets an opportunity to research the local labour market to enable them to assess their qualifications and build a progressive individualized action plan that suits their employment and professional development goals.


Métis Nation of Ontario
66 Slater Street Suite 1100
Ottawa, ON K1P 5H1

The disabilities support program supports Métis people with disabilities secure employment and enter the workforce by providing assistance with skills development. Provides a comprehensive suite of employment programs and services including;

  • Career counselling
  • Employment readiness training
  • Wage subsidies
  • Apprenticeship support
  • Mobility assistance
  • Self-employment
  • Youth initiatives
  • Services for clients with disabilities

Expenses that may be eligible for coverage include: training; special equipment, tutoring; transportation; and assessment fees.

*DSOER Referral Required/ Fee for Service option*

Minwaashin Lodge
An Indigenous Women’s Support Centre
1155 Lola Street Suite 100
Ottawa, ON K1K 4C1
613-741-5590 ext. 224

Minwaashin Lodge provides a range of programs and services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis women and children (regardless of status) who are survivors of domestic and other forms of violence, and who may also be suffering the effects of the residential school system. All programs and services are provided in the context of cultural beliefs and values to ensure a holistic approach is used as part of the healing journey.

The Employment Readiness Program to find Meaningful Work. Share your dreams and become part of a strong, supportive Circle of women exploring ways of Going Back to School, Upgrading/Training, Confidence Building and Career Guidance. Topics covered;

  • Going back to school
  • Upgrading
  • Training
  • Confidence Building
  • Career Guidance

Every year we have four groups of women graduating. Many have found good jobs and others have gone back to school. Women come to the program to network with other women and build confidence.


34 Colonnade Road, Suite 150
Ottawa, ON K2E 7J6

The Neil Squire Society is the only national not-for-profit organization in Canada that has for over thirty years empowered Canadians with disabilities through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs. Through their work, they help clients remove barriers so that they can live independent lives and become active members of the workplace and our society. The Working Together Program assists youth and adults with various disabilities to obtain employment in their chosen profession.

Working Together Eligibility:

  • Have a self-declared disability, illness or injury
  • Independent decision-making abilities to choose occupations/jobs
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not eligible to receive EI (Employment Insurance) for the past 3 years

Employment services include:

  • Career exploration (skills and career self-assessments, educational exploration, labor market research, resume and cover letter writing, job search and interviewing techniques)
  • Personal wellness techniques
  • Health and disability management
  • Proper work station set-up
  • Assistive technology solutions
  • Computer and technical skills development as well as follow-up support


Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OCAPDD)
229 Colonnade Rd S.
Nepean, ON K2E 7K3
613-569-8993 ext. 221
Hope Lalonde

EMPLOYMENT CENTRE – Focused on assisting people looking for and maintaining a job. At this location you will also find multiple social enterprises (everyone earns at least minimum wage) such as Under One Roof, Hearty Tails and woodworking.

*DSOER Referral Required/Fee for Service Option*

Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills (OCL)
9 – 1 Brewer Hunt Way
Ottawa, ON K2K 2B5

Tableworks provides meaningful employment for adults with developmental disabilities. Together with our trained staff members, Tableworks participants create delicious homemade goodies for sale across Ottawa. Focusing on baking using high-quality ingredients, Tableworks participants not only create mouth-watering treats but they’re able to contribute to society and expand their own social roles at the same time.

Check out Tableworks Catering’s cookies, scones, squares and other sweet treats today! Our menu is available here.

Profits from Tableworks Catering are reinvested into OCL programs.

Twelve enthusiastic participants who love to put their talents to use make our homemade wood products, including cutting boards and cheese boards. Under the guidance of two staff members, the participants hone many skills when making these boards and are proud of their hard work.

The woods used are donated palettes made of oak and maple.

Profits from HeartWood are reinvested into OCL programs.


351 Preston St 2nd Floor
Ottawa, ON K1S 2T7

The ODSP Employment Supports program works with community service providers to help people with disabilities prepare for and find jobs, keep a job, and advance their career. The program can also help people with disabilities become self-employed.
7 Community service providers offer the services you require to identify your employment goal, develop an action plan and figure out the supports you need to achieve your goal.

1900 Merivale Road, Suite 200, Ottawa

Distinct Programmes
222 McArthur Ave., Ottawa

Suite 300, 2197 Riverside Drive, Ottawa

March of Dimes
117 Centrepointe Drive, Suite 250, Ottawa

Performance Plus
900-251 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa

Vanier Community Service Centre
270 Marier Ave., Vanier

*Free- Individuals not in receipt of ODSP Income Support may be required to make a contribution*

29 Waller St.
Ottawa, ON K1N 7G4
613-234-1144 ext. 330

This five-month program at The Ottawa Mission is about much more than learning how to cook. The participants in this program take courses in WHMIS, health and safety, the City of Ottawa’s Food Handler’s Certification, standard First Aid and CPR.

There are two sessions each year, one starts in the Summer and one in the Winter. Students are required to attend five 3.5 hour shifts on Monday to Friday for both theoretical and practical training. This program builds self-esteem and confidence as well as;

  • Receive relevant hospitality experience and skills
  • Learn how to prepare and present a variety of meals
  • Complete practical exams in areas such as soups, salads, main entrees, and desserts
  • Participate in a 2-4 week community placement
  • Attend various education and employment workshops

Graduates of the Program have become cooks in restaurants and commercial kitchens, or have continued their culinary education at Algonquin College.


2525 St Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, ON K1H 8P5

Learning in a Fun Environment (LIFE) is focused on the abilities and needs of the individual. Students can work within small groups and each student has an individual program plan that outlines goals and objectives which are unique and relevant to them. For some students, the end goal is to secure a volunteer position or obtain paid employment in the field of their choice. Students work at their own level and pace, with support and guidance from qualified, experienced teachers with online programs to enhance learning of literacy and numeracy concepts that are relevant to real LIFE scenarios! There is also dedicated time to ensure physical activity.

Two qualified Teachers with experience in supporting people with special needs, along with a Job Coach/Job Developer incorporate weekly life-skills workshops, community volunteer placements and outings that support the monthly themes. Each student also has an opportunity to develop their special interests through independent projects via you- tube, presentations or media outlet of their choice. The LIFE program also hosts community persons that deliver specialty workshops at the request of our students.

*Fee for Service

Tungasuvvingat Inuit
1071 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2B 6R2

Ontario Inuit receive job and career support from Tungasuvvingat Inuit’s Employment Services Team. The aim is to provide the highest quality career and training programs to help our clients reach their goal of obtaining meaningful employment.


The Employment and Learning Centre responds to labour market demands and creates partnerships with public and private sectors to train and hire Inuit in the Ontario region. Services for employers include access to financial incentives to hire Inuit candidates, an employer network providing access to a list of job seekers and free job-posting services.


Our service offers free access to computers, job postings and current employment information. Clients receive one-on-one employment counseling and we provide workshops and presentations throughout the year on a variety of topics including computer skills training, interviewing skills, resume and cover letter preparation, and effective communication techniques. Our workshops are designed to facilitate self-awareness, boost confidence and develop strong, fundamental career-driven skills.

Our team helps Inuit apply for funding to enroll in post secondary education and also provides employment-related training funds for Ontario Inuit residents. We assist Inuit from outside Ontario in securing employment funding as well.

Our employment services also include Individual trainee sponsorship programs such as summer student placement assistance, job creation, on the job training, targeted wage subsidy and the purchasing of training.

* Free

363 Coventry Road
Ottawa, ON K1K 2C5

Volunteer Ottawa links people with community organizations. The interactive website has thousands of volunteer opportunities from organizations that need volunteers to deliver their critical community services. Support persons with disabilities, new Canadians, corporations and professionals can connect to volunteers in and around the city.


450 Churchill Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5E2
Caitlin Booth

The WAVE program is a full day learning opportunity for adults with special needs who are interested in preparing for the work force. We are a social, community- minded program that aims to engage with the local neighborhood through volunteering and exposure. In the morning, individuals will attend a COOP in the community. In the afternoon, individuals will engage various social and recreational activities (i.e. swimming, walking, music class, social skills, life skills, board games etc.). The program runs Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm. Dovercourt Recreation complex.

*Fee for Service

1400 Morrison Drive Suite 100
Ottawa, ON K2H 7L9

Enclave: Participants work off site in the community in small work crews supported by a staff.

Foundations: a program designed to help participants transition from school into a wide range of community participation activities and work. Exploration of supports and services, supporting informed decision making abilities, and overall improving independent skills

Frank Emmett Work Centre: Assists members in the acquisition of marketable work habits and skills to enable them to enter the competitive work environment

Owl Employment: Offers members paid employment in a fully integrated work setting.

Info sessions on all programs offered first Tuesday of each month. Call ahead to RSVP.

*DSOER Referral Required/Fee for Service Option*

Resources include behavioural support services, respite options, as well as support and advocacy groups for you and your family.

1140 Morrison Drive
Ottawa, ON K2H 8S9

At the Ottawa Chapter of Autism Ontario, we understand the challenge of dealing with Autism/ASD. We are an independent, non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for people and families living with Autism and related disorders. Our membership is composed primarily of parents in the Ottawa-Carleton region, as well as interested individuals and professionals who deal with Autism and ASD.

The chapter is run by a Leadership Council. The officers of the council are volunteer members of the chapter who are annually elected by the general membership.

We provide information, support, resources, and advocacy to advance the quality of life for individuals affected by ASDs in our community.

Programs include; Autism Parents’ Support Group, Asperger Syndrome Parent Support Group, Aspirations, Families of Adults with Autism Spectrum disorder and Asperger Syndrome Youth group

*Fee for service option available


The A.M.P is a 1 on 1 mentorship program that pairs trained students athletes with local youth who have ASD for Weekly 1 on 1 meetings


310 Olmstead St.
Ottawa, ON K1L 7K3

Catholic Family Service Ottawa (CFSO) offers, at its head office and in community resource centers in the Eastern part of the city, a range of services and programs to help clients of both official languages, who reside in the Ottawa area. In some areas CFSO offers services as part of a program designed to respond to a set of complex issues and challenges.

Services include: Program for victims of family violence, Program for Victims of Sexual Abuse, Program for victims of abusive relationships, Program for individuals who have been abusive to their partners, Program for children and youth who need support, Counselling, Information services to the general public and Advocacy.

*Fee for service

395 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON K1H 8L2
613-737-0871 Toll Free: 1-800-565-4839

CHEO Behavioral Services provides bilingual services for individuals with a developmental disability requiring behavioral supports. Using a mediator model, Behavior Consultants will use strategies based on Applied Behavior Analysis to assess and develop a behavior support plan. Clinical supervision is provided by a Psychologist and/or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Services are offered in the city of Ottawa and are delivered in the individual’s primary environment(s).

* DSO referral required

312 Parkdale Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4X5

Advocacy group to reduce the isolation of people with disabilities through several programs, including:

The Everyday Champions matches volunteer advocates to people with disabilities in one-on- one, long-term supportive relationships. Advocates provide practical and emotional support according to the needs of the person to whom they are matched. It can be as simple as playing cards, shooting pool, watching a movie, or just sharing a cup of coffee.

Chance for Choice: This program matches older people with disabilities who are isolated and vulnerable with volunteer advocates in one-on-one long-term relationships. This builds a regular link to the community and reduces isolation. Volunteer advocates support the older person in making and carrying out their choices on how they live their lives. This support reduces a person’s vulnerability and increases his/her quality of life.
* Free

Independent facilitation and person-directed planning is about creating and implementing a blueprint for future action: the predominant focus is on the nature and quality of the planning process that is undertaken and not solely on the resulting written plan.

* Fee For Service

Kelly Howson 613-761-9522 ext. 223

This service provides:
– Personal future planning for families with a relative with a disability
– Assistance through a trained community connector in the creation of a personal support network aimed at ensuring a safe and secure future for the person with the disability
-Network opportunities for families to meet and connect with one another
– Regular workshops for families and individuals. For example, on Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning, RDSP, etc.
– Recreational activities for individuals and their families.

* Fee for service

Darlene Donnelly 613-761-9522 ext. 236

A monthly meeting for the parents or guardians of children with all types of disabilities/special needs to meet, greet and share experiences. A Facilitator is present to guide discussions and provide links to resources. Meetings alternate monthly between guest speakers on topics identified to be of interest by participants and usually a presentation by a service provider followed by informal discussion and information sharing.

Members may also opt to receive regular updates on relevant information services and workshop.


Clinique juridique francophone de l’Est d’Ottawa at Vanier Community Service Centre
290 Dupuis Street
Ottawa ON K1L 1A2
Gina Grosenick 613-862-7601 or Alexandra Derisier 613-402-9437

Our aim is to improve access to justice for linguistic minorities; people who are not proficient in English or French or who face communication challenges as the result of a disability or sensory impairment

Low income and vulnerable clients who present with a legal issue often have complex cases that benefit from coordinated intervention by legal and social services. We take a holistic approach and draw upon strengths that already exist within our network of over 40 community health, legal, immigration, disability, and social services agencies. Together, we address the compounded barriers faced by linguistic minorities.



We are parents of special needs adult children – who seek to create a sustainable community for our adult children. We seek to create more than a secure and supportive housing situation. We seek to foster a social environment where our children can grow as adults – finding productive ways to contribute and belong a secure, welcoming community.



Disability Advocacy Network of Eastern Ontario continues to play a key role in representing individual and family voices in the developmental services sector in our region. As a family network, we strive to ensure that families stayed informed of new developments and information sources in the community. We also work with other advocacy and family organizations to ensure that families connect with each other – to share challenges and successes – and to build confidence. As a member of Family Alliance Ontario, we have brought new ideas from beyond our region, using lessons learned and success stories from family organizations and agencies who have moved beyond the parameters of “the system” to innovate and empower.


P.O. Box 8025, Station T Ottawa
ON K1G 3H6

The Down Syndrome Association – National Capital Region (DSA-NCR) is a non-profit, registered charity group made up of individuals working to enhance the quality of life for people with Down syndrome and to provide assistance and support to their parents and friends. The purpose of this community is to provide a means to share information and ideas and to provide support among members of the DSA-NCR

Membership includes:

  • Social events such as cooking classes, bowling, swimming
  • The super popular dinner and dances, An annual picnic with a bbq
  • A first-class newsletter 3 times a year with tons of useful information
  • Work to Learn opportunities, General information about events and services
  • Plus a variety of other activities such as efforts to continue to explore employment for adults with Down Syndrome

Membership Fees:

First year is free! $ 20 a year (after the first year)
Membership is free for adults with Down Syndrome

* Fee for membership


We work with people with developmental disabilities to facilitate their participation in all aspects of their home and community life, by building a co-operative work environment where both people with developmental disabilities and Developmental Services Workers thrive.

Activities of daily living support
We work with our clients to help them develop the skills they need to live, thrive, and engage in their communities.

Caregiver respite
DSW Co-op works to support our clients and their caregivers, providing flexible respite care. Daytime or Overnight.

Community participation support
DSW Co-op promotes the social inclusion of our clients, providing support with Volunteer, Social and Recreational Activities.

* Fee for service


We are Families Matter Co-op and our goal is to help families support their loved ones with developmental disabilities to become independent. Become a Family Member and find out how we can help you!

Online resource centre that helps connect people with developmental disabilities to their families and friends. Provides up-to-date information and comprehensive lists of resources. Facilitates initiatives of empowerment such as supportive housing options and social enterprises. Provides input into government structures that funds agencies serving family members. It has an On-line Resource Centre that helps connect people with developmental Disabilities

Membership – $40 per year; includes voting privileges

Families Matter Co-Operative (FMC) has transitioned to a “virtual office”. As a result, we are no longer confined to a single place or specific time to engage our community.

*Fee for Membership

312 Parkdale Avenue
Ottawa ON K1Y 4X5

We offer counselling and support services to anybody in Ottawa who needs it. No matter what it is that you’re dealing with, we’re here to listen. We offer a safe space, and will help you work through whatever is troubling you.

Our programs are run by counsellors who are highly skilled and trained in each of our service areas. Family services staff and clients who have already benefited from our services are also involved in making our programs as helpful and successful as they are.

*Fee for service

2025 Lanthier Drive
Orleans, Ontario K4A 3V3

Community Outreach – ICSS offers Community Outreach supports to individuals who require supports in their community. Our committed staff complete visits with participants in various environments to assist with activities of daily living, life skills, job/volunteer placements and educational programming. All programming and supports are individualized to suit the needs of the people we support.

Supported Independent Living – ICSS is pleased to have launched our first Supported Independent Living Program. Individuals in this program receive ongoing supports to assist them in living as independently as possible.

*Fee for Service

2255 Carling Ave, suite 300
Ottawa, ON K2B 7Z5

Full service, non-sectarian agency offering more than 65 programs and services to children, youth, adults and seniors, be they individuals, couples, families or groups.

Services include; The Counselling Group, Student Support, Shalom Bayit, Street Smarts, Jewish Bereavement Group, StreetSmarts, Group Workshops and Seniors Support Services.

* Fee for service

9 – 1 Brewer Hunt Way,
Ottawa, ON K2K 2B5

OCL’s Supported Independent Living Program (SIL) or Enhanced Supported Independent Living Program (ESIL) supports and empowers people to live in their own space, whether alone or with a roommate. Individuals in this program have a higher degree of independence and require less help and supervision but OCL staff are there to offer varied hours of support depending on the needs of each person.

SIL / ESIL staff support the individuals of this program with job hunting and guidance with finances, housekeeping, shopping and cooking, managing medical issues and social relationships.

Individuals who are part of this program and their families, set goals and plans through an Individualized Service and Support Plan, facilitated by SIL / ESIL staff and Supervisor. Both the individual and their family review strategies for attaining their goals. They review this plan regularly. Strategies might include consulting outside professionals, obtaining clinical, educational or recreational resources, or even moving.

*DSO referral required/ Fee for service option*

Suite 50, 44 Eccles Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 6S4

Supported Independent Living

Ottawa Foyers Partage offers SIL supports to individuals living independently in the community, emergency housing, and long term care facilities or with family. Staff work a variety of hours to help link individuals to activities, supports and services in their community. We offer a wide variety of services centered on the needs/wants of the individuals. Some examples of support we offer are:

  • Daily living skills
    Shopping, meal preparation, money management, finding a place to live
  • Health
    Physical and mental health, advocating at doctor’s appointment, medication monitoring
  • Community Supports
    Employment search, community activities

* DSO referral required/ Fee for service option*

613-321-3211 Toll Free: 1-855-775-7005

Parents’ Lifelines is a non-profit family support organization for parents and caregivers whose children to age 24 are dealing with mental health and/or addiction challenges. We are staffed with parents who also have supported their own children with these challenges – we have travelled this journey. We understand the challenges and the stresses on families but we also know there is hope, recovery is possible and we know first-hand that parents and caregivers play a significant role. Children and youth with good family support have better outcomes. Families also need support to be the supporters and advocates their children need.


613-748-1788 ext. 240 is a secure network for families that need respite and access to services. This network is managed and hosted by Service Coordination Support (SCS) for People with Developmental Disabilities located in Ottawa which is an agency funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. incorporates a Worker Bank that provides workers to families who are in need of respite and /or developmental programming for their child with a physical or developmental disability, as well as for an adult with a developmental disability.

*Free/Fee for workers

Service Coordination Support (SCS) – Case Management
200-150 Montreal Rd.
Ottawa, ON K1L 8H2

Service Coordination Support (SCS) is the initial contact for people who have a developmental disability or autism in Ottawa and the Eastern Region. SCS case management team will assist individuals and their families create a plan to meet their needs and to find available opportunities, resources and services within the community.

Case management will assist you:

  • Create an individual support plan to meet your immediate and future needs;
  • Referrals to services and supports in the community;
  • Support to navigate and coordinate services and supports.

*DSOER Referral Required

30 Camelot Dr.
Ottawa, ON K2G 5X8

Spectrum’s main objective is to operate a non-profit center for the treatment and education of children and young adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum or related disorder in order to increase their cognitive and social abilities in the home, school and community. All programming is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). We also provide continuing education and training to parents, caregivers, therapists and other professionals regarding the principles and practice of ABA.

*Fee for service

29-2450 Lancaster Road
Ottawa, ON, K1B 5N3
613-249-8593 ext. 233

Our clinical services team offers bilingual specialized services to adults with an intellectual disability or dual diagnosis who present challenging behaviours and/or complex medical needs. Our services are offered across the Eastern Region of Ontario (Prescott-Russell; Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry; Ottawa and Renfrew)

Clinical services are offered to the individual’s circle of support and are mobile, which allows for our Clinical Coordinators to meet individuals in their environments. Through consultation, education, training, on-site support and practical interventions; recommendations are put forth to the circle of support with the goal to reduce the presentation of challenging behaviours and to enhance quality of life.

*DSOER Referral Required

1140 Morrison Dr. Suite 100, Ottawa ON K2H 8S9
613-721-1500 ext. 219 or email
Lynn Patterson SIL Team Leader 613-721-1500 EXT. 224

Foundations program

Foundations is designed to help young adults with developmental disabilities make a successful transition from school to a wide range of community participation activities including employment. This is accomplished by facilitating the development of innovative, time-limited supports that strengthen community involvement skills. The Foundations Program helps young people make informed choices about their future life directions for a successful transition from school to community-based activities, including moving out on their own, and work opportunities. People are exposed to a wide range of opportunities considering their interests, goals and skills.

Foundations is an appropriate choice for young adults with developmental disabilities who are graduating from or recently left school, living at home or independently and in need of assistance in the transition from school to the next phase of their lives.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a non-center based community service providing individualized assistance to individuals residing independently in the community. SIL workers provide supports to people with a Dual Diagnosis or a Developmental Disability in the Ottawa-Carleton Region.

Some adults with a Dual Diagnosis or Developmental Disability may need motivation, support and assistance. Areas of need may include budgeting, grocery shopping, personal safety, housekeeping, healthy relationships, crisis management and prevention, medical appointments. In addition, some people may need help with navigating the legal system and housing issues. SIL can assist people with their supports for activities for daily living.

SIL is designed to meet the needs of each individual it serves. SIL supports individuals to live independently in the community. This includes those individuals in emergency shelters, and boarding homes. The supports are varied based on an individual’s needs.

* DSO Referral requires & Fee for Service

Resources include information on financial assistance programs, funding resources and financial planning.


The Access 2 card is for people of all ages and types of permanent disabilities who require the assistance of a support person at hundreds of participating entertainment, cultural and recreational venues across Canada. When a cardholder presents the Access 2 Card at a participating movie theatre or selected attraction across Canada, the support person is given one free admission. The person with the disability pays regular admission price. The card costs $20 for a 3-year card or $30 for a 5-year card.

*Fee for membership

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Assistive Devices Program
5700 Yonge Street, 7th Floor
Toronto, ON M2M 4K5

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) helps people with long-term physical disabilities pay for customized equipment such as:



Ceridian Cares provides financial assistance to families that have requests for medical equipment, special therapies, home adjustments for barrier free living etc.

Ceridian may also provide assistance for children’s activities, clothing and food for families in need.


Hand in Hand subsidy
Telephone: 311

City of Ottawa offers a financial subsidy to help pay program fees so all residents can take part in recreation and culture activities regardless of their ability to pay. If you are already a participant in a community or social service agency program, or if you are an individual or family with a low- income, you may qualify for the Ottawa Hand in Hand recreation and culture fee support program.

Online chat at

Credit Counseling Society will review carefully your situation and outline options to help you manage and reduce your debts. Our professional highly-trained counsellors will work with you to develop a budget that fits your lifestyle and helps you manage your monthly payments. Credit Counsellors will also provide objective solutions, and practical solutions and resources to get you back on track.


370 Catherine St, 3rd Flr.
Ottawa, ON K1R 5T5
311 or 1-866-261-9799

The Essential Health and Social Supports (EHSS) program helps Ottawa residents who cannot afford to pay for items or services needed to maintain their housing and for health items that are not available through other programs.

It may pay for:

  • Urgent dental care and dentures
  • Eye exams and glasses
  • Fuel/gas/hydro arrears, deposits and reconnection fees
  • Rent arrears and deposits
  • Assistive Devices Program (ADP) 25% consumer contribution
  • Bathroom aids
  • Surgical and diabetic supplies



The Exceptional Access Program (EAP) may cover various prescription drug products that are not on the approved Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) list. It may also cover alternative drugs/medication when ODB medication/drugs have been tried and are not working.



Application process

Your doctor or nurse practitioner fills out and submits application for you. Only a doctor or nurse practitioner can apply for coverage through the Exceptional Access Program or Compassionate Review Policy. Your doctor or nurse practitioner must submit the completed form by fax, using the number or send to link.

You can qualify for the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program:

when you turn 65 years old or before if you are:

– living in a:

  • long-term care home
  • home for special care
  • Community Home for Opportunity

– 24 years of age or younger and not covered by a private insurance plan
– receiving professional home and community care services
– receiving benefits from Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program
– enrolled in the Trillium Drug Program

351 Preston Street, 2nd floor
Ottawa ON K1S 3H8

The Ontario Disability Support Program provides income support to help cover the costs of basic needs such as: food, clothing and shelter. The Income support also offers basic drug and dental coverage and vision care for eligible clients and family members.


104-1630 Lawrence Avenue West
Toronto, ON, M6L1C5

The OFCP offers several funding assistance grants to Individual Members of the OFCP who have cerebral palsy. These funds can be accessed through our various funding assistance programs. Please review the guidelines and application forms carefully before applying.

The OFCP Assistive Devices Funding Program enables individual Members of the OFCP to access life-changing assistive devices and equipment.

The OFCP also offers the Activity Funding Program for people who have cerebral palsy to take a vacation, participate in educational courses, training, recreational activities or community day programs of their choice. The OFCP provides funding for a wide variety of Activities so that people with cerebral palsy may have more opportunities for engagement within the community.


March of Dimes

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services created the Passport initiative to provide opportunities for individuals who have a Developmental Disability to find more ways to participate in their communities. Through Passport, participants can receive funding for activities that encourage their personal development and help them achieve their potential.

How to apply:

Contact Developmental Service Ontario to apply. If you’re eligible, staff will help you complete a developmental services application package to assess your needs and connect you with available services and supports.


351 Preston Street, Suite 200,
Ottawa, ON K1S 2E6

The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee manage the finances and properties for adults who are found incapable of managing their own affairs and do not have anyone to take on this role. The Office of Public Guardian provides guardianship/or substitute decision making services for personal care in areas such as: food, shelter, clothing, hygiene, safety and health care. The Office also acts as a decision maker of last resort for treatment and placement decisions for those individuals who have no one else.



The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a long-term savings plan to help Canadians with disabilities save for the future. With a RDSP, you may also be eligible for grants and bonds to help with your long-term savings.

You can open an RDSP if you:

  • Have a long-term disability
  • Eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (disability amount);
  • Under the age of 60 (if you are 59, you must apply before the end of the calendar year in which you turned 59);
  • Canadian resident with a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Looking for a long-term savings plan.

You may contribute any amount to your RDSP each year, up to the lifetime contribution limit of $200,000. With written permission from the RDSP holder, anyone may contribute to the RDSP.


Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
PO Box 337 Station D
Etobicoke, ON M9A 4X3

The Trillium Drug Program is for people who spend approximately 3 to 4% or more of their after-tax household income on prescription-drug costs. To qualify for the TDP, you must:

  • Not qualify for Ontario Drug Benefit and not be enrolled in a program such as Ontario Works
  • Have a valid Ontario health card



The Disability Travel Card makes it easier for people with disabilities to travel.

It provides identification allowing adult attendants to travel with people that have permanent disabilities at no cost on participating Canadian coach operators or Via Rail. The person with a disability that’s accompanied by an adult attendant then travels at a reduced fare.

Easter Seals Canada and its members and/or affiliates are authorized to approve reduced fare tickets.


Participating in recreational programs is a great way to make friends, stay active, explore interests and connect with your community.

330 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON

Tuesday nights at 6:30pm at the Royal Canadian Legion. The AKtion Club is a community service group composed of adult citizens who are developmentally disadvantaged. Members of Aktion Club strive to return to their communities the benefits, help and caring.


211 Bronson Avenue, Rm 304
Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5

BEING Studio is a unique and innovative art studio where self-expression and a sense of place are encouraged and celebrated for people with developmental disabilities. Through the common language of art and self-expression, the artists contribute to the community and the cultural life of Ottawa.

* Fee for service

P.O Box 236, Station B
Ottawa, ON K1P 6C4

Canadian Adaptive Snow sports is a volunteer based organization whose main objective is assisting individuals with a disability to lead richer and fuller lives through active participation in recreational and competitive snow skiing and snowboarding.

* Fee for service (However, may be able to use Jumpstart program if eligible)


Hockey club established in 2008 for individuals ages 6yrs and up with developmental (cognitive or cognitive + physical) disabilities. No hockey skills are needed. Participants don’t even need to know how to skate. All that is needed is what they already have – a desire to play a team sport! There are no tryouts and every player gets to play in every game.

* Fee for service

City of Ottawa Inclusive recreation
613-580-2424 ext: 29283</strong

Programs are offered throughout various community centers giving children, youth and adults with special needs, the opportunity to participate in year round programs that provide recreation and social programming. The social/recreation programs take place throughout the city during the day, evening and weekends. The programs include a wide range of options: community outings, social clubs, fitness, aquatics, and summer camps for children, youth and adults, health and wellness and other leisure activities.

* Fee for service
Please note: Individuals can apply for an annual subsidy by visiting your local City of Ottawa Recreation Centre, Client Service Centre or online :

Jami Omar Mosque: 3990 Old Richmond Rd,
Nepean, ON K2H 8W3

Disability Empowerment Equality Network offers a weekly 3- hour (Sundays 2pm-5pm) social group for youth and adults with various developmental disabilities including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome. Benefits: incorporates life skills with recreational activities, facilitates a culturally and spiritually safe environment, provides a sense of community and lasting friendships and gives caregivers a break.

We work on basic life skills, do various arts and crafts, physical activities, and much more!

Bring your own snack!

We provide Bilingual services.

* There is not cost for this programming


*Fee for service: $2

Angèle Jodouin: 613-302-5943
Melodie Grealy-Fredette: 613-315-5943

Family Harmonies Familiales brings together people from all walks of life – many of whom live with disabilities and mental health challenges – to create a community of love and support. Tailored programming combines skill-building exercises and fun into meaningful daytime activities in a comfortable and positive atmosphere. Each member’s contributions are valued, mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, and everyone is encouraged to learn from each other. “Together we are lifting and caring for those in our community who need added support.”

* Fee for service/The choir participation fee is by donation.

P.O. Box 5124
Ottawa, ON K2C 3H4

Friends in Sportfishing is a volunteer run charitable organization dedicated to providing free fishing experiences for any group of people with special needs in our community. We operate a fleet of 5 twenty-eight-foot pontoon boats that have been modified to make them accessible. We provide the boats, crews and all the fishing equipment necessary and we operate out of a variety of venues in Eastern Ontario (Dows Lake, Renfrew, Manotick).

*Free/Donations are greatly appreciated! You must purchase your own fishing license if it is required.


GleeCeptional is a glee club where children, teenagers and young adults with exceptionalities, come together to practice and perform songs. There are a variety of songs from different music genres. GleeCeptional also focuses on social skills where singers have the opportunity to sign up for Date Nights on a monthly basis. They work on daily living skills, social skills and have lots of fun out in the community! Wednesday evenings. Located at St. Thomas The Apostle Church on Alta Vista.

* Fee for service

5979 Leitrim Rd.
Carlsbad Springs, ON K0A 1K0

To improve the lives of those who have a physical, developmental & psychological challenges through the benefits of full exposure to farm life which include horseback riding and care of animals. By nurturing the relationship between our participants and the animals, great benefits can be achieved on an emotional, physical and psychological level.

Participants are on a one on one ratio with only one client at the farm at a time. Sessions are 2 hours in length, once per week; with the time spent as each participant wishes, so no competing for attention, and can enjoy the facility depending on their wishes each session.

* Fee for service

1024 Marconi Ave
Kanata, Ontario K2W 0C8

Activities include workshops to teach people with disabilities life skills they need on a daily basis, such as literacy, computer skills, cooking, in order to help them live independently without supervision or assistance. They also organize social outings such as trips to museums, Winterlude, picnics, bowling, etc.. for individuals with disabilities and their families. Occasionally, they have the social gathering in a gym to play games selected by the individuals with disabilities. It is done in an Islamic atmosphere delivering the activities in a way sensitive to the culture and values of the Muslim community. In addition, activities include Islamic content which is missing at mainstream organizations, such as stories of the profits and reading the Quran.

Activities include workshops to teach people with disabilities life skills they need on a daily basis, such as literacy, computer skills, cooking, in order to help them live independently without supervision or assistance. They also organize social outings such as trips to museums, Winterlude, picnics, bowling, etc.. for individuals with disabilities and their families. Occasionally, they have the social gathering in a gym to play games selected by the individuals with disabilities. It is done in an Islamic atmosphere delivering the activities in a way sensitive to the culture and values of the Muslim community. In addition, activities include Islamic content which is missing at mainstream organizations, such as stories of the profits and reading the Quran.


3111 Stonecrest Rd,
Dunrobin, ON K0A 1T0
Fran McLachlan 613-832-2981

Therapeutic Equine Assisted Program: Helping riders with special needs to develop relaxation, coordination, muscle tone, confidence and overall well-being.

*Fee for service

Suite 300- 2197 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON K1H 1A9

Friday Night Meet-Ups: Each week, choose from a range of authentic community activities to enjoy alongside others with similar interests. Hockey games, pub nights, movies, concert, plays, and coffee talk are typical opportunities. Group size is kept small and includes members of Live WorkPlay and volunteers. Activity costs are not included in the membership fee.

Volunteer Matching: Looking to make new friend who enjoys activities and hobbies that you enjoy? Our People Connector will introduce you to a volunteer who shares your interests, and will support both of you in helping to organize dates and times that you can get together in hopes of building a friendship.

Supported Vacation: We provide supported travel opportunities three times per year. Destinations vary

and registration is limited. Your membership makes you eligible to participate (travel and support costs are not included).

Events: Access family and community-focused events throughout the year at subsidized prices (example: $20 four-course meal).

* Fee for service

West End: 1002 Beaverbrook Road Suite 13, Kanata
East End: 1939 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans

Lotus Centre is unique in offering music lessons by teachers who specialize in working with individuals with special needs. We are passionate about creating the best learning environment for each individual and adapting as required. Our goal is to work within each individual’s abilities to develop their confidence and allow them to feel safe in the learning environment. They offer individuals music lessons as well as an Adult Musical Social.

*Fee for service

Nepean Arts Centre
35 Stafford Rd. Nepean, ON K2H 8V8

Participants of all ages and abilities will create music using adaptive electronic devices and instruments. Participants with significant disabilities are encouraged to participate. Ensemble playing, composing, and recording music are all components of this program.

Instructor: Chris Linden

* Fee for service

3259 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2H 1A6
613-294-7566 or 613-805-4940

Sailing for individuals with a disability. Season is May to the end of September.

Freedom: In a martin -16 sailboats, designed for independent sailing by people with a severe physical disability.

Fun: You’ll enjoy safety and exhilaration as the on-board instructor provides necessary knowledge while building your confidence. A safety boat is always nearby.

Friendship: You can sail solo by early summer, allowing you the balance of the season to enjoy both your new hobby and new friends. You can process from a demonstration session to on-water training, and later try recreational sailing – even racing.

Facilities: The clubhouse and site are accessible and the dock has a transfer lift.

Please note: Individual must able to self-manage as there is no room for a support person on the boat.

* Free

9-1 Brewer Hunt Way
Ottawa, ON K2K 2B5

  • Saturday Day Program: 3 Saturdays per month
  • Calm social atmosphere, baking, sensory room, reading, arts and crafts

* Fee for service

214 Montreal Rd., Suite 401
Ottawa, ON K1L 8L8

The OILRC offers a wealth of services and resources to people with all/cross disabilities in the Ottawa area. They host a Lunch Club, an art program and cultural events, Healthy Living activities, social nights and various workshops to keep people informed and develop social skills and confidence. For more information, check out their Newsletter and Calendar of Activities on their website at

*A mixture of free programming and some activities that have a minimal cost

3587 Tyburn Court
Navan, ON K4B 1K7

The Ottawa Valley Ambassadors Hockey Club has been providing people with developmental disabilities in the Ottawa area with quality, organized hockey for more than 10 years. The Ambassadors focus on the heart of hockey – love of the game and the challenge to do your best.

*Fee for service

Prisms Options Programs
Kanata Beaver Brook Community Centre

Prisms Options Programs are “not-for-profit programs” for teens and adults with special needs, including developmental disabilities and autism.

Weekday and weekend classes are taught by highly qualified instructors, specialized in their fields.

We offer Adapted Yoga, Body Brain Connections, Rhythm Fitness and Beats Alive Drumming classes.

*Fee for service

P.O Box 67115 Westboro 421
Richmond Rd. Ottawa, ON K2A 4E4
Jaime Horn: 613-807-7152

Propeller dance is an independent non-profit arts organization and professional dance company. Their mandate is to provide dance programming to people with or without disabilities. They use the DanceAbility teaching methodology which was created specifically for teaching natural movements within structured dance improvisation exercises that emphasize independent choice making.

*Fee for service

Ross Holden 613-866-1644

SkiAbility is an approach to providing access to the sports of water skiing and wakeboarding for persons with a disability. Persons with any type or level of disability, any age, and any experience level are welcome. The program uses various types of adaptive equipment and teaching techniques to ensure participant success. The participant may choose, depending on ability, sit-skiing, stand-up skiing, wakeboard, or barefoot.

*Membership: $20/year. First session is free. Additional sessions are $35 for (18 and under) and $40 for adults (19 and over).

2571 Lancaster Road
Ottawa, ON

With the support and energy of the Ottawa Police Association, Special Hockey Heroes welcomes males and females, age 6 and up, with physical or intellectual developmental disabilities. These players will be given the time to dream and live in their own hockey hero worlds.

*Fee for service

14 Beckwith Rd
Ottawa, ON K1S 0K7

The mission of the Social Network for Youth of Ottawa-Carleton is to offer mildly developmentally disabled youth who are experiencing social isolation the opportunity to develop social independence and positive peer relationships through a guided process facilitated by dedicated volunteers. Participants, with the help of volunteers, organize their own leisure activities.

Program also helps participants to gain social skills appropriate to their age group and to manage their social time independently. They learn life skills such as arranging transportation, making reservations, etc. Participants meet once a week with two paid part-time staff and volunteers to plan weekly activities and to socialize.

The Grad Club is offered to those who are 22 years of age and older.

*Fee for service: A nominal fee is charged. Financial assistance is available.

P.O. Box 23119
Ottawa, ON K2A 4E2

Special Olympics Ontario is a charitable, non-profit organization which provides year-round sport training for persons with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics Ontario is a volunteer driven organization with some 14,000 athletes and 6000 volunteers registered across the province. Athletes range in age from eight to eighty and have the opportunity to train in sixteen official sports and numerous demonstration sports. The primary objective of Special Olympics Ontario is to contribute to the physical, social and psychological development of people with intellectual disabilities through positive, successful experiences in sport.

*Fee for service

5515 Canotek Road #2
Ottawa, ON K1J 9K9

Spring Action Special needs programming emphasizes sensory and vestibular stimulation through Swinging, Rolling, Throwing, Catching, Jumping, and MORE! One on one special needs lessons available.

Spring Action Special needs programming goals address the following factors:

Physical Increase: Gross Motor Skills, Postural Control, Balance, Coordination, Strength, Flexibility and Stamina.

Social Increase: Compliance with group activities, Appropriate Social Interaction, Comfort level in groups, Integrate into group settings as appropriate.

Cognitive Increase: Attention/Focus, Ability to follow directions, Motor-Planning, Problem solving.

Emotional Increase: Self-Confidence, movement enjoyment, frustration tolerance.

*Fee for service

391 McArthur Ave
Vanier, ON K1L 6N5

theSpace is a creative studio and social hub for adults with Autism and Intellectual disabilities. Our goal is to offer each individual personalized support and mentoring with a focus on identity building and learning through doing.

Daily workshops provide an opportunity for members to expand upon their knowledge of self, while learning new skill sets and creating community. Members work with various media, open-source and accessible software and a variety of platforms– as suits their interests.

Creative workshops run 9:30 to 3:30 pm (with half days available) Check out our website or call/email to book a tour or stop by for a free Games Night!

*Fee for service

6362-1 Bank St. (Highway 31)
Greely, ON K4P 1J4


Therapeutic riding is a physical and social activity that teaches cooperation with people and animals. It provides an opportunity to share experiences with both disabled and able-bodied riders. Riding is mentally and physically stimulating, enhances alertness and the ability to concentrate, and helps to increase self-awareness and self-confidence.

Therapeutic Riding is conducted in small groups of up to a maximum of four riders per group. CanTRA (Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association – national governing body) qualified instructors, assisted by volunteers, teach lessons tailored to the riders abilities and requirements. Riders are encouraged to develop functional riding skills.

*Fee for service

330 Vantage Drive
Orleans, ON K4A 3W1

At Tumblers we believe that gymnastics is for everyone! We’re committed to providing every child the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills and discover the thrill and fun of gymnastics. As part of this commitment we have a Special Needs Coordinator on staff that will work closely with you to decide which class is best for your child with a special need and ensure that they have a fun and positive experience. We’re proud to offer full inclusive gymnastics programs with support for children at no extra cost. Types of classes offered include:

14+ teen/adult – Teen Drop-In on Wednesday nights from 8:15 to 10:15 pm with the accompaniment of a support worker, parent or guardian

18+ adult – 18+ Adult Drop-In on Tuesday nights from 8:15 to 10:15 pm with the accompaniment

*Fee for service

Resources include information on accessible public transit and other transportation services available in the community.

215-1980 Ogilvie Road, Suite 215
Gloucester, Ontario K1J 9L3

Grocery bus: transportation and accompaniment to the local grocery stores.

* Fee for service

2016 Azalea Lane
Orleans, ON K4A 4R5

J.M.B. Transportation Inc. is a small family owned business that provides transportation to persons with developmental disabilities and/or special needs. Their mission is to ensure their driver’s provide a caring, compassionate and patient atmosphere when transporting clients.

* Fee for service


  • Special assistance for clients with mobility issues.
  • Able to accommodate walkers and transport wheelchairs.
  • Extensive experience assisting clients with memory impairments.

* Fee for service

1515 Tenth Line Rd
Orleans, ON K1E 3E8

Transportation to essential services * priority given to transportation to medical appointments

Call extension 328 to register * once registered, call seven days prior to your appointment to request transportation.

* Fee for service

1137 Wellington St W
Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y8

  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Grocery bus: transportation and accompaniment to the local grocery stores
  • Personal shopping and banking

Please note. Drivers are volunteers and use their own vehicles.

* Fee for service

613-741-4390 TTY (613) 741-5280

All of OC Transpo buses and the O-Train are low-floor equipped, 100% accessible, and include the automated Next Stop Announcement System (NSAS).

Para Transpo provides a door-to-door transportation service to eligible customers who are unable to take OC Transpo due to their disability. Rural zones have specialized fares. Support persons travel for free on Para Transpo. 613-741-4390/TTY 613-244-4833

The Taxi Coupon Program allows Para Transpo customers to take discounted (40%) taxi service as an alternative to Para Transpo. 613-842-3670 / TTY 613-741-5280

The ‘Community Pass’ reduces the cost of transit for recipients of Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

* Fee for service


Transportation to medical appointments for elderly and adults with disabilities. Most transportation services are provided by volunteer services. Must be mobile and not require an accessible vehicle.

* Fee for service – A nominal fee may be charged.