Children’s and Adult Case Management

Region served: Ottawa


Case management at SCS is a collaborative, inclusive and individualized process. We work towards goal setting, planning, advocating and exploring available community resources to support the achievement of personal outcomes. This service is offered in Ottawa.

A case manager will help you:

  • Focus on goals that are important to you
  • Include the people who are important to you
  • Identify your strengths and interests
  • Build and strengthen your relationships and support network
  • Plan for life transitions
  • Coordinate meetings with other service providers by:
    • Assisting you with preparing for the meeting
    • Supporting you at the meeting
    • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Support problem solving and group facilitation
  • Coordinate community resources, such as:
    • Skills development or education programs
    • Social and recreational programs
    • Child care programs
    • Support workers or respite programs
    • Volunteering or work opportunities
    • Support groups
    • Financial programs
    • Housing services
    • Transportation services
    • Specialized services, such as counselling, behaviour management, medical, therapy, equipment …
Your relationship with your case manager is voluntary, based on your active participation in your plan. The worker facilitates goal oriented planning with time defined supports. The person/family is always an active participant in all decisions.

Introduction Video to Case Management:

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