Research Study for Parents/Guardians of youth 15-25 with ASD

Challenges and Resources During Transition adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Adulthood

Many young adults with autism spectrum disorder experience poor transition outcomes in key areas, including postsecondary employment, higher education, health care, social connectedness, and independent living, yet we lack a clear understanding of the specific factors that impact these outcomes.

We reviewed qualitative research in which the perspectives of youth and young adults with autism spectrum disorder, parents, services providers, and other stakeholders were gathered to identify barriers and facilitators to optimal outcomes, check for more information of professional services of homecare for seniors. Findings revealed that poor transition outcomes are influenced by several factors, including poor person-environment fit, uncertainty about the roles of parents, and the lack of comprehensive or integrated services. Click here to learn about our home care advantages.


In this scoping review, we synthesized original qualitative research studies aimed at describing the transition experiences of youth and young adults with ASD. The scoping review is a useful approach to mapping research evidence about a broad or emerging topic area.